Products and Materials

Products and Materials

Northern Rail Services is now stocking a selection of essential fasteners for local railroad companies and railroad contractors. Our inventory will consist of bolts, nuts, washers, spikes, and other selected vital components to ensure smooth operations throughout the day. As our customer base expands and requests are made Northern Rail Services, Inc. will expand our inventory. Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Bolts and Nuts

Lock Washers

Railroad Spikes

Sizes & Types available:

1 x 6 BHDN (28 bolts/nuts per keg)

1 X 6 BHON (20 bolts/nuts per keg)

1 X 5 ¾ BHON (30 bolts/nuts per keg)

1 x 5 ½ BHDN (30 bolts/nuts per keg)

7/8 x 5 ½ BHDN (30 bolts/nuts per keg)

(Sold in keg quantities only)

Sizes & Types available:

7/8” Lock washer

1” Lock washers

(Sold in quantities matching a bolt and nut keg order.)

Railroad Spikes:

Track Spikes 5/8 x 6, HC

(Sold in 50 lb. kegs only)

Railroad Construction in New England

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