Railroad Crossings Construction and Replacement

Railroad crossings are one of the most heavily trafficked sections of track, they endure consistent wear and tear from cars and trucks in addition to trains. Railroad crossings in addition are one of the most dangerous locations in a railway system. The intersection of where a train may pass at high speeds coupled with a road where the public must cross as a pedestrian or in a car is a very dangerous place.

Regular maintenance and inspection of the tracks, switches, and other components at a crossing of the railroad system help ensure that they are functioning correctly and are safe for use Northern Rail Services (NRS) is a railroad contractor experienced in the construction of crossings. NRS has the expertise to demolition the existing system, remove and replace existing track panels with new, grade the site and install new asphalt or concrete. To finish the project NRS removes the excess construction materials and properly disposes it at a licensed disposal facility.

If in doubt at the condition of your business’ crossing call Northern Rail Services for a consultation and inspection before the track is taken out of service. A track out of service will cost more in business tomorrow than a proactive approach for safety today.

Railroad Construction in New England

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