Track Inspections

Safety is the number 1 priority for Northern Rail Services.  All tracks need to be inspected routinely, weakened and/or damaged tracks lead to unsafe conditions lending themselves to accidents or derailments. Tracks closed to deliveries trigger undue stress on operations such as delays in moving goods and services, ultimately causing a business to lose valuable time, profits and not to mention creating costly repairs.

NRS offers inspection services, preventative maintenance plan development, budget analysis and project phasing, ensuring your tracks are safe and reliable to avoid the complexities of major reconstruction. Northern Rail Services provides a consultation and track inspection service to aid clients in protecting smooth business operations. Our goal is to partner with you and your business to ensure your track remains safe and reliable, identifying rail issues before they become costly endeavors, and to safeguard your business of potential shutdowns by Federal Railroad Administration track inspections.

Our inspections include a site visit, written evaluation, photos of deficiencies, and budget. NRS identifies deficiencies, creates solutions, and as a partner implements agreed upon solutions for your peace of mind.

Call us today to schedule a consultation and track inspection. All inspections are done for a modest fee, which will be applied to any preventative maintenance, rehabilitation, or construction project executed by Northern Rail Services.

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