Track Removal and Retirement Projects

Track Removal and Retirement Projects

Northern Rail Services (NRS) is well positioned to handle all types of track removal and railroad retirement projects. NRS maintains a fleet of equipment designed to do the heavy-duty work essential to demolition, removal, and retirement. NRS’ equipment such as tractor trailer/lowboy services, wheel loaders, mini-excavators, brush removal equipment, hi-rail grapple trucks and much more are set to leave a site clean and ready for development.

NRS handles the demolition waste in the most responsible way. Whether old ties are brought to a licensed disposal plant or to a facility that chips and burns the old materials in a bio-waste incinerator, NRS cares about our environment and takes disposal seriously.  

Call NRS to schedule a consultation and inspection, we appreciate the opportunity to discuss your business’ need(s) in removing old track.

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