New Railroad Construction

No Job is Too Big or Small

Northern Rail Services provides new track and railroad construction services all throughout New England.  We offer specialized planning to maximize your construction dollar, and minimize your down time.  Track design is also available to help you bring your vision to reality. 

At Northern Rail Services, no job is too big or small. Our track record for new track design and construction projects includes:

  • Track for yards
  • Ports
  • Concrete highway grade crossings
  • Unit train and intermodal facilities
  • Industrial rail spurs
  • Tracks for Industrial Parks

Our team is a very diverse and talented crew of railroad construction specialists that are capable of taking on countless assignments, including:

  • Track design and construction, from the initial inspection and planning through project completion and maintenance
  • Grading, brush removal, and drainage work
  • Construction of railroad tracks, crossings, and turnouts
  • Surveys and stakes for construction sites
  • Drawings and specifications for track designs
  • Redesign of existing track for smoother and more efficient rail car travel 
  • Design and construction of additional tracks

Railroad Construction in New England

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