Track Rehabilitation Services in New England

After years of use, enduring the extreme changes in weather throughout New England, rail and ties experience significant wear, deterioration, and/or move out of proper alignment. Outdated or lighter weight tracks require improvements and upgrades to accommodate modern trains. Northern Rail Services builds new sections, restores and/or repairs all track or structure types, improving design and safety as well as complying with today’s strict Federal, State, and local regulations.

NRS’ expertise includes interchanging broken and faulty rails, removing and/or reconstructing old tracks, repairing switches, and mending track using our certified welders in exothermic (thermite) welding.

NRS’ Track Rehabilitation services include (but not limited to) :

  • Replacing or Transposing Rail
  • Installing Ribbon/Bolted Rail
  • Repairing Any Worn Bolts at Track Joints

NRS responds to most emergency calls within 24 hours, even in the most extreme New England weather conditions, during hours when most companies will not respond, the NRS team is ready to deploy virtually anywhere in the northeast. With over 40 years of experience, NRS has professionally trained, experienced teams that restore track(s) with equipment large and small to fit any job.

NRS stands ready to assist with decisions that best suit a business’ railroad needs and concerns. Call us today!

Railroad Construction in New England

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