Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Northern Rail Services, Inc. is to provide a high-quality combination of track inspections, rehabilitation/repairs, new construction, and retirement of old track systems. To be creative, clever, and cost effective with our clients in developing solutions to their product receiving and delivery needs, to be environmentally sensitive and to keep America rolling through a safe, well maintained railway system throughout New England.

Our Vision

Northern Rail Services, Inc.’s (NRS) vision is to provide safe, efficient, affordable, customer focused and environmentally sustainable integrated railway solutions. Our goal is to be a customer’s first call knowing NRS is responsible and responsive to their railway needs. We envision a community inclusive of growth by connecting regions, communities, ports, and centers of industry by improving an aging railway system throughout New England. We imagine a world where traffic on highways has been made safer and railway logistics enhanced to the benefit of all.


Our Core Values

  • Collaboration – Making sure our team makes the best decision on behalf of our customers and engaging our customers to develop the very best solution for their budget and railway obligations.
  • Accountability – In a day and age where accountability has eroded public trust and respect, we at Northern Rail Services, Inc. (NRS) believe we need to be responsible to our customers, ourselves, and accept all the outcomes of our actions.
  • Integrity – Always doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Is there any more to say?
  • Service – Being service minded and customer-oriented proves NRS cares about providing a quality experience to our customers, supplying an outstanding product and being world class in all our partnerships.
  • Safety – Working on or around a railway yard and/or in a maintenance of way on a railway is very dangerous and always requires attention to safety. Workplace safety is every employee’s responsibility, every day and on every job. NRS is committed to maintaining a very safe working environment. No job is so important, no service so urgent that we cannot take time to perform all our work safely. NRS works hard to make sure everyone goes home to their loved ones each day.
  • Environmental Sustainability – On the grander scale the rail network, for both passengers and freight, produces lower GHG emissions than roadway and air transportation, which means that shifting trips from road and air to rail in markets where it makes sense can reduce overall transportation emissions. At the local level NRS handles demolition waste in the most responsible way. Whether old ties are brought to a licensed disposal plant or to a facility that chips and burns the old materials in a bio-waste incinerator, NRS cares about our environment and takes disposal seriously.
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