Field Welding Services

Exothermic (Thermite) Welding for Railroad Tracks

Northern Rail Service utilizes a exothermic (thermite) Weld when joining track together. Our experienced team of welders has performed hundreds of successful thermite welds, which include private sites, CSX, P&W and G&W railway lines and public sites of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA).

Thermite welding is a simple procedure or process in joining metals together quickly, however it takes a certified welder to do it right. The process is very economical and requires no outside electrical power source. The heat produced by thermite welding is a chemical reaction local to the two pieces being joined, producing a very strong joint using molten metals, which exhibits a faster welding time. The thermite welding process is safe to use, there are no outside flame or sparks other than what is produced by the welding pot, is less expensive than other welding methods and is environmentally friendly.

When it comes to doing repairs, installing new track, or implementing a preventative maintenance plan call Northern Rail Services for your thermite welding needs.

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